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  • Our repair procedures

    Within 24 hours after receipt of your endoscope at EndoService, our specialists will assess the damage in detail. The device is subjected to a 100% inspection in accordance with our internal damage report. Usually you get your instrument back from us within five days of receipt of your order confirmation.

    The testing phase

    includes the following examinations and services:

    • Checking for external damage
    • Light conductor integrity and the corresponding connections (by microscope)
    • Optical function (by microscope)
    • Investigation of the mechanical parts
    • Detailed reporting
    • Cost estimate

      During the repair

      In general, the following steps are carried out during the repair:

      • Checking for internal damage
      • Opening the endoscope
      • Finding the exact damage and definition of the required replacement parts
      • Dismantling and inspection of the ocular as well as other optical parts
      • Replacement of defective parts
      • Cleaning inside the shaft, the lenses and other internal parts
      • Assembly of the endoscope under vacuum (moisture removal)
      • Fine adjustment of the view (by video camera with focus and centering devices)
      • Final assembly with closure of the endoscope under constant temperature and humidity control